Holiday Shopping with love

Holiday Shopping: Where Does the Money Go

Shopping can make your heart grow three sizes in one day. It is that time again, time to start filling our bellies and opening our wallets. The question is where does all the money go? Sometimes the answer is obvious,


Mama’s Dressing

Virtual Town founder, Scott Spivey, loves Thanksgiving. More specifically, he loves Thanksgiving dressing. Like with most things, Scott had more of a story to it, but he promised to share a very special recipe afterwards. Here’s the backstory and his

The big holiday is coming

8 Saturdays Left Till Christmas

With the pandemic still floating in the air, many people are staying away from big cities for the holidays. Destinations like New York City or Disneyland might seem a bit crowded for families this year, especially ones with smaller children

It's Fall Y'all

Now… It’s Fall Y’all

As soon as September 22nd hit people were shouting “IT’S FALL Y’ALL!” Yes, technically that’s when autumn begins, but in the South…not so much. (BTW, that’s where we actually say “y’all.”) Fall starts later in the south, it always has