8 Saturdays Left Till Christmas

The big holiday is coming

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With the pandemic still floating in the air, many people are staying away from big cities for the holidays. Destinations like New York City or Disneyland might seem a bit crowded for families this year, especially ones with smaller children that cannot be vaccinated. Many families are shifting to small towns and more rural communities for their celebrations.

Smaller towns are picking up a lot of “buzz” this year. People want to visit these communities because they offer as much holiday cheer and outstanding festivities as their big-city counterparts… sometimes more. But, not everyone that shops in a small town is an out-of-towner or tourists, locals have holiday needs too. What do you have planned?

Our team at Virtual Town knows that small towns want conveniences just like larger communities. It is a Christmas wish that you have access to the global marketplace via the internet. So, this is the season to make your small town or local business shine as bright as a star on a Christmas tree.

Getting Holiday Inspiration

Black Friday is on the way and most businesses have started their “Black Friday Sales” early. The supply chain issues and random shortages have really compelled people to shop early if possible.

For businesses trying to stand out, a few quick Google searches can illuminate some amazing ideas for holiday fun. There are countless Christmas traditions that can bring out cheer in even the biggest curmudgeon. As we all know, “tis the season” to be cheerful and have your local community be holiday profitable.

Small Town Tips To Increase Your Holiday Business

Since there are only 8 Saturdays left before Santa Claus comes to town, here are 8 fun tips from our team to assist you in inspiring your community shoppers this holiday season.

1. Digital Presence and Promotion

If you don’t already have a website, there’s no time like the present (<– see what we did there). However, having a site is only half the battle. Offering deals and specials drive more consumers to your website and make holiday shoppers more likely to buy instead of just browsing.

People want to get out there and shop but we all got pretty comfortable shopping from our sofas the past year. It’s important to be where your customer is most at ease. If they can familiarize themselves with your product before they arrive, all the better.

2. Work with other businesses within your community

Partnering with other local businesses gives you the ability to expand your reach to audiences you might not easily meet. Partnerships bring brand awareness to both parties. Remember, your products and services don’t cover everything, so make strategic partnerships to fill out your customers’ needs.

3. Help service local needs

If your local community needs support for any holiday festivities see if a staff member is interested in volunteering. Offer to cover their wages for the day so you can give back to your community. It’s a small town, people will know about your generosity.

4. Create a holiday attraction

It is a good idea to offer discounts or limited edition items tied to your holiday special. Now is the perfect time to attract attention to your business or community. You can increase revenue and share some holiday cheer.

5. Team with a Blogger or YouTuber

Word-of-mouth marketing has drastically changed in recent years but the principles are still the same. Someone you trust says something good about a brand, so you trust them. Blogger and/or YouTubers are now that trusted voice.

Is there a Blogger or YouTuber in your community? These folk focus on niche based topics not genre like traditional publishers. This means their audience is super targeted and can align with your community, product or service niche. Finding the right blogger or YouTuber is the key to helping you reach as many people who truly want to hear about your brand or message.

6. Work with your local paper or radio station

Working with your community paper or radio station keeps readers or listeners up-to-date on their own communities and can strengthen your holiday offerings. It is also a great resource to reach any outside community travelers. In addition, most of your community papers or stations offer a way to put your content within their website. Reach out to them and see what promotions they have available for your local community this holiday season.

7. Share holiday promotions on social media

Holiday related content is fun and can be easy to create. The truth is, holiday posts during the season can be some of the most valuable content you produce for social media platforms. Our team advises to never overlook holiday social promos. They can be a crucial part of your social media marketing plan.

8. Consider running some social media ads

During the holidays, there is a 50% increase in ad impressions. This means that your ads will be seen more. However, it also means they have to stand out. Remember to create ads that reflect seasonal cheer while promoting your community outreach, sales or holiday deals.

We care about your Town

At Virtual Town, we care about your town’s prosperity. We all work hard but in a small town, we all work together. There are many chances to appreciate the uniqueness of living in a small town. Driving around to look at Christmas light displays or going out Christmas caroling, there’s a lot to plan. We want to make it easier for you.

We offer smaller communities access to “big city” technology. Our holiday events calendar is a wonderful way to keep everyone up-to-date on your plans. But, the marketplace lets users shop online with local businesses. Not only will it help boost holiday sales, but it can make shopping after a long day, fun and relaxing. Combine all this with the power of mobile alerts and your town can compete with any “big city” counterpart.