Now… It’s Fall Y’all

It's Fall Y'all

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As soon as September 22nd hit people were shouting “IT’S FALL Y’ALL!”

Yes, technically that’s when autumn begins, but in the South…not so much. (BTW, that’s where we actually say “y’all.”)

Fall starts later in the south, it always has even before we knew to watch for climate change. The south is populated by folk that are here for the mild climate. Some are here because it’s where they grew up, and others because they absolutely wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

September 22nd is the beginning of fall but it’s still warm here. Thomasville, GA had more days with temperatures in the 80’s during September than not. Basically, the end of September just doesn’t feel like fall yet.

Now that October is here, and we’re actually closer to November, it is TIME to get your boots out. Summer is over and we are firmly in our fall schedules. Kids go to school, you go to work, everyone heads home…repeat.

However, the holidays are around the corner and our lives are about to get crazy again.

Things to do in the fall

Local Sports

Fall Sports

Even before the holidays hit, fall can be full of fun and exciting events. Local sports are at the center of many town events. Between the local high school’s football games and/or basketball games, fall can be pretty busy. If you live in a college town, life can center around school spirit this time of year.

Local businesses usually join in on the sports related fun. It’s nice to show support to your local teams. Many donate supplies, or even snacks to keep the players, and all involved, up and running.

Even if a local business doesn’t donate to the cause, you will often see them at the games showing support. After all, the players are their friends, family, and customers; in a small town, we are all connected.

Fall Festivals

Pumpkin patch

Many small to medium size towns hold fall festivals. Some festivals are sponsored by the local PTO to raise money for the seniors’ cap and gowns. Others are fun events focused around fall crafts or fantastic food.

These festivals are the perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbors better over some craft beer or pumpkin spice anything. Enjoy live music, pumpkin carving, or any other fun fall themed activities. They also provide amazing photo opportunities. It’s hard to find something cuter than a toddler holding a pumpkin.

A detailed, town wide events calendar would make all of these must-attend-events much easier to manage. Virtual Town can help incorporate all of the fabulous fall festivities in one location so you don’t have to miss out.

Prepare for Armageddon (I mean the Major Holidays)

It’s time. Fall kicks off the holiday season and everything that goes with it.


Halloween is only the beginning. Right now, people are putting the finishing touches on their Halloween costumes and preparing for a night of sugar highs and haunted houses. In a few days there will be Halloween parades, parties, and of course trick or treating.

Costume parties around Halloween are so exciting. Especially this year, since we haven’t spent as much time with our friends as we used to. But, big parties require a lot of planning, and supplies.

An articulated shopping list can really be a lifesaver, but you still have to go get everything. In addition to running to a few stores, this year, many people are experiencing shortages of odd supplies. So, prepare to make several trips.



Soon, there will be massive grocery lists and coordination planning that only the military and a busy mom could pull off. The prep for a full traditional Thanksgiving dinner is intimidating at best.

First, you have to decide who’s coming for dinner. Since the pandemic, we’ve had an excuse not to invite every distant relative. But, you may actually miss Aunt Diane that eats all the chocolate. So, invites must be made.

Then planning the menu, followed by table decorations. And, don’t forget the ice. Someone always forgets to buy ice.

The kids will be coming home with mountains of laundry, and an appetite that makes you ask, “didn’t I just go to the grocery store?” There’s early Christmas parties and leftovers, and of course… football.

Don’t forget about the absolute madness of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Madness.

Fun Fall Activities with Family

Even if you have a confrontational family, it’s hard not to get a little excited over the cooler months. There’s something magical about nature pushing the reset button, dropping her leaves and saying… slow down. (Seriously, we live in the south. If you see snow or other inclement weather, SLOW DOWN.)

Take a minute and enjoy your time with family and friends. Don’t stress about shopping or decorations.

Try going for a drive around the neighborhood to admire the various decorations, it’s fun the whole family can enjoy. In October you can admire the jack o lanterns, until they start to cave in on themselves. In November some families have various Thanksgiving related arts and crafts on display. Then of course the Christmas lights and decorations from November to December.

The house decorations and the crazy schedules begin with Halloween and don’t stop till January. If you want a little help, maybe some curbside hot chocolate while you wait for your groceries, check out Virtual Town. Those 2 minutes sitting in your car while someone else brings out your shopping list, may be the only quiet 2 minutes you get.